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Upstate Social Sessions; Creative Educational Social Media Seminar for Wedding Pro’s !

It’s 2017. Social media is everything. It’s literally unavoidable wherever you go, and if you’re not in it, you’re totally missing out. How many times have you been asked if you’ve seen that funny meme floating around in Instagram? “You have to watch this hysterical video I saw today on Facebook” is a recurrent phrase in my life. It’s a vital form of communication these days, and for small and big business owners alike, it’s a game changer. Some people have seriously BECOME famous from having epic social media accounts. Look at @KingBach, Canadian actor/comedian Andrew Bachelor who has over 14 million followers. He was just in a feature film last year. Or how about @daddyissues_ aka Violet Benson. She’s gained a following of almost 4 million for her wit and humor in her original memes and posts. If you’ve got something worth sharing, (like we know you do!) you can make such a big splash on social media by knowing the tricks of the trade.

Enter Upstate Social Sessions! This unique approach to a social media seminar is meant to be educational and inspiring for any type of business. It’s a day long series of seminars and workshops designed to help you harness the awesome power of social media marketing, happening on September 15th, 2017 at the George Eastman Museum. Panelists and speakers will focus on professional and personal use of social media, particularly working with influencers and monetizing content. There will be breakout sessions related to food photography, creating a digital identity, taking your online community offline, strategy and more. Since we’re all about weddings, we’re going to focus on how it can help impact your bridal business by pointing out just 3 topics that every business in the wedding industry should be aware of, and how going to our fave seminar will help you out. Photo credits: Dan Gribbin

Personal Branding

Our brides and grooms tell us the main reason they love our brand and our events is because they get to “connect” with the wedding vendors. Get a head start on that by building your identity on the web! People want to know who is behind the scenes, the maker of the magic, the movers and shakers who make those photos happen. Panels and sessions from experts like 43North, Rise Collaborative, Roc Girl Gang and more will better help you understand how to make your personal and professional identity come to life on the screen.

Photography/Photo Quality

You guys. This. Is. EVERYTHING for social media. How can someone feel a connection with a fuzzy, out-of-focus or dark photo?! Three words: presentation, presentation, presentation. It can be hard to snag photos of your work when you’re on the job, but you must find the time or intern to do it. If you check out the break out session held by ROCtheShot and Chickpea Magazine you’ll be one step closer to wowing your followers.


Brides and grooms are looking at social media every day, and when they’re planning their wedding, you better believe they’re looking at your feed! If they see some old ass photos from a wedding you did a while back that might not be as relevant, they probably won’t be into you. A very common question for social media users. How many times should I be posting each day/week/month? Well… I’m not going to tell you here. You’ll have to come and listen to pro’s like freelance strategist TC Pellet and food blogger Sir Rocha Says to learn!

So that’s a simple little list of some of the countless topics that all wedding pro’s should hold near and dear to their hearts when they’re promoting their businesses on social media. This seminar has over 20 speakers who are jazzed up to share their successful and not-so-successful stories with you to help you master this new digital world. For $45… it’s a damn steal! Plus you get a kick ass swag bag, breakfast, and entry to the post-seminar networking party! This event only happens once a year, and there’s no reason why you should miss this fun-filled day full of opportunities to enhance your skills, while meeting other local pro’s in the process. Bring your whole team, including interns! This event is meant to educate all walks of social media users. Get your tickets today! Pssst – our members get an extra special discount… so e-mail us for the deets! If you still need some convincing, just take a look at what some other pro’s and novices had to say about last years’ event in this video!

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