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UIW Membership

Upstate Indie Weddings was founded over a decade ago by two local, boutique wedding professionals who were struggling to find “their couples.” The wedding show scene at the time felt cold and impersonal and they were looking for something intimate where they could truly connect with their prospective clients. So, they did what any entrepreneur would do...they filled the void themselves. Upstate Indie Weddings has transformed significantly over the last decade from its original“Boutique Bridal Party” to the powerhouse community of wedding creatives it is today. Throughout the changes, however, our mission has remained the same: 

  • Create opportunities to connect creative, boutique, local wedding businesses with creative couples across multiple platforms 

  • Provide a networking community for like-minded wedding businesses where we can share ideas, collaborate and grow with each other. 

What Does Membership Look Like?

Website Listing 

Wedding Shows


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Styled Shoots

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