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Rochester Custom Wedding Suits Hand Tailored in New York

Updated: Apr 16

For the best Rochester custom wedding suits, One Custom Clothier is the place! One Custom Clothier in Rochester on Monroe Avenue has been serving Rochester’s community for over 37 years. Vince DiGiorgio, the owner of One Custom chose the custom clothing business as his father and grandfather did before him.

This year, they are hoping to join some of our other wedding pros for a styled shoot so be sure to check back for that groom style inspo!

One Custom Clothier History

Starting at 18 years old, his family roots for dressing well and working hard began generations ago in his native Sicily, where he was born. His family inspired his passion for creating garments. It’s a passion Vince uses to connect with his clients, informing them of current trends, classic styles, as he loves what he does. As a garment expert, when it comes to quality, size matters, he says. One Custom Clothier might not be the biggest business, but they’re the best at what they do. It’s the dedication to their clients and hard work they put into their garments that create a solid foundation for their business.

The ONE Experience You Need

A person can buy a suit anywhere, One Custom Clothier tailor makes everything special for their clients. They offer custom-designed and made suits, sport coats, slacks, and formal wear for men and women. Each garment is custom-designed with a custom fit for each person. Above all, Vince and his team find there’s no greater feeling than seeing customers appreciate their pieces. Some people come to them because they have special fit needs, others because they want something that’s uniquely theirs. In other words, the products made are like a thumbprint. No two are alike.

The entire process is a unique experience. From the moment someone steps into the showroom, he/she understands this isn’t a typical shopping experience. Clients receive complimentary espresso or coffee, or cocktails and wine during their initial consultation and fitting. With their minimalist style, the store is elegantly designed with wall-to-wall custom cabinetry. As a result of impeccable service, One Custom Clothier follows up with clients at three weeks, three months and annually to make sure clients are completely satisfied with the products and services provided.

Why a Rochester Custom Wedding Suit?

For traditional weddings, “the groom is the second most important person in the wedding,” he says. Weddings are the biggest event in a person’s life. There are no do-overs when it comes to the groom looking his best. There’s nothing special about getting a wedding suit in a box store. Even worse, wearing a rented piece of clothing for the most photographed day. In addition, One Custom Clothier accepts everyone and can make anyone look hawt in a suit!

Think of it this way: if a bride rented a wedding gown that 30 brides wore, it would be almost unheard of. Having a suit that fits perfectly and is worn for years to come. Therefore, it’s a quality piece you can keep forever. The groom must look just as good as the bride. At One Custom Clothier, they’re not about volume, they’re about creating heirloom garments for people that want to look their absolute best. In conclusion, they’re the epitome of taste, style, and quality.

Custom Wedding Suits for Women and Men Rochester NY

Since One Custom Clothier has been an Upstate Indie Weddings member, they’ve become more comfortable with posting to their own social channels. Be sure to check out their videos, how to’s, side-by-side comparisons, and more!

To reach out to Vince and the talented, passionate team at ONE, visit One Custom Clothier’s directory listing!

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