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One Custom Clothier

The difference between being dressed and being well dressed

What We Offer: 

If you are looking to turn the vision of your wedding attire into reality, we at ONE, are the clothier for you. We have been a trusted resource in Rochester for over 37 years, offering full custom and bespoke services to accommodate every level of customer. At ONE, you will work with the owner every step of the way, thus ensuring a perfect fit every time. We have a beautiful showroom that creates a comfortable and creative experience for you and your bride/groom. Whether you desire a casual look, a suit or a formal tuxedo, the possibilities are endless. Most importantly, it would be a pleasure to dress your bride or groom on the most special day of your lives.

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Vincent DiGiorgio | 585-802-0891

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2423 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY, USA

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