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Our Roc’in Spring Bridal Show at Westminster!

Collaboration and community in the local wedding industry is what we are all about at Rochester Indie Weddings, and our spring bridal show at Westminster Hall & Chapel exemplified that! We’re focused on presenting the newest, most creative ideas for your upcoming nuptials from local businesses.  So many of the creative businesses in our city brought their A-GAME to this event! We had so many incredible displays not only in the vendors booth’s, but throughout the entire event! Come and relive the amazing day with us!

Huge thanks to Sue Egan Photography for capturing so many exciting moments at the show! And thanks to all of the lovely couples we met throughout the day! You can find all of the vendor information from the day of the event on our directory! Check out Facebook for the full album of photos, tag yourself and your friends and use our hashtag, #partyonbrides!

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