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Laura Amaya Beauty Do’s and Don’ts Before Your Wedding

Laura Amaya applying makeup to a bride wearing a COVID mask.

Everyone wants to look their best before their wedding day. Luckily, we have Laura Amaya Beauty owner Laura Amaya, a skilled makeup pro to help us out with some 2021 beauty tips.

Woman laying down after beauty facial.

Do a basic facial

Go to your esthetician. If you’ve never gotten a facial, test it out at least three months before your wedding day to avoid extreme reactions.

Don’t try harsh facial treatments

This seems self-explanatory, but do not schedule any harsh facials up to two months before your wedding. Keep in mind that the skin takes time to heal, and you don’t want to be remembering that awful chemical peel every time you look at your wedding photos.

Bride and groom pose embracing each other, looking at the camera. Makeup applied by Laura Amaya Beauty.

Do test out spray tans

Spray tans can create a beautiful glow on the skin. However, everyone’s skin type is different, meaning it’s important to find the right formula for your skin. Make time a few months before your wedding to test out a few different formulas and places to ensure you get that glow.

Laura Amaya applying makeup on a blonde bride.

Don’t book a spray tan a day before the wedding

Give yourself a few days as a buffer in between your spray tan and your wedding, this ensures you’re happy with the look, no streaking, problem-solving and any possible transfer that would happen to the dress.

Don’t wax the day of

Don’t schedule any waxing appointments the day before your wedding, even if it’s just eyebrows. This is because your skin needs time to heal. Instead, do your wax earlier in the week and stick to your usual waxer. Don’t go trying a new place!

Bride poses in tiara with makeup applied by Laura Amaya Beauty.

Do a hire a makeup pro

There’s a time and a place to experiment with new makeup looks on yourself, your wedding isn’t the time. Hire a makeup pro to execute a flawless makeup look for the big day.

Brunette bride poses in silk bride with natural makeup done by Laura Amaya Beauty.

Do a trial run

There’s no harm in scheduling a test run for your bridal look. Most makeup pros will already have this factored into their timelines for you, but just in case, schedule a test run for your makeup so there are zero surprises on the wedding day.

Do try a makeup lesson

If you opt to do your makeup, book a bridal beauty lesson with a pro. They can help guide you and give you pro recommendations for the right product to leave looking like a supermodel come wedding day.

Don’t overdo the makeup

There IS such a thing as too much makeup. The combination of too much product creates buildup, resulting in the product slipping and falling apart. Consider using water-resistant products, setting powders & sprays to avoid this.

PRO TIP: Make Up For Ever & MAC Cosmetics are two tried and true holy grail brands that offer long-lasting products.

Black model poses in white wedding dress styled shoot with glam applied by Laura Amaya Beauty.

Laura offers 2-hour long bridal makeup lessons where she teaches brides how to achieve long-lasting makeup looks for their wedding days. We hope you enjoyed these Laura Amaya Beauty tips! Reach out to her through her directory listing!

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