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Beverly Hills House Party Wedding Elopement Inspiration

The name of this game is GLAM! For our Beverly Hills house party wedding elopement inspiration styled shoot, we went all out with the luxury. This group styled shoot is the second in our 3 couple shoot out held in March 2020. We here at Indie Weddings chose the theme and direction, then invited all of our vendors to run wild! To give you an idea as to how these shoots all come together, it all starts with the mood board and imagery! Then, I choose buzzwords to help everyone get on the same page. In this shoot, the buzzwords are: Indulgent | Sensuous | Relaxed. All of the vendors have the same inspiration and direction – so watching it all come together is the best part! Let’s get to know this gorgeous couple, Diamonique and Kevin.

Diamonique and Kevin have been together for 10 years now, and have two beautiful daughters aged 2 and 6. This family is big on family. Entertaining is a big part of their lives and spending time with family is a priority. They love playing games and going out on the town to various comedy events or concerts. Their wedding is July, 2021.

Their personal style is very refined and elegant. They love the finer things in life! Love, loyalty and kindness are some of the cornerstones of their relationship. An important tradition in their marriage will be to jump the broom! We can’t wait to see if they bring any of our house party wedding elopement inspiration into their wedding!


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