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What is Upstate Indie Weddings anyway?

Think of us as your wedding planning bestie! 

Diamond Ring

Welcome to Upstate Indie Weddings and CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! We are SO FREAKIN excited for you!!


Now let's get down to business!  We know that wedding planning is exciting, it's magical and it can be so dreamy...but let's face can be stressful! Sorting through all the options, the decisions, who to hire and sometimes more importantly who not to's kind of exhausting.  This is where we come in.   We have an entire crew vetted and ready to make your Pinterest board wedding dreams a reality!  In order to be part of our community, our wedding pros all have a few things in common:  

  • creativity:  we prioritize thinking outside the box to make your day unique and a reflection of YOU as a couple (not what Aunt Mary says you should do...sorry Aunt Mary)

  • inclusivity:  we firmly believe that LOVE IS LOVE no matter what

  • service:   we are all small businesses and in several cases solopreneurs, so you are not just another date in our planners.  YOU are the reason we get to do what we love so we pride ourselves on making sure you know you are important to us by giving you our best


So go ahead, check out our directory of the best of the best who make it their mission to make your wedding dreams come true.   Don't forget to follow us on social media @upstateindieweddings for all the latest news on these incredible talents and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page for tips and tricks to help you plan the event of your dreams (...oh and did we mention exclusive discounts?)  And...If you want to interact with them IRL, check our events page to check out the next wedding show and get to chat with our crew face to face.  

Happy Planning! 

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Hello, I'm Heather

I’m Heather, CEO of Upstate Indie Weddings and first on the

dance floor at any party...go ahead you can fact check me with my friends :)   I’m a mama, a marketing nerd, a wannabe gardening guru, a spreadsheet queen, a wine lover and also the proud owner of Babybird and Babybird Bridal.  

I absolutely love helping couples make their wedding dreams come to life by connecting them with the local wedding pros who specialize in providing personalized, creative, top notch service.  At Upstate Indie Weddings, we redefine wedding traditions and transform your wedding planning experience.  So if you’re looking to throw out the rule book and plan a wedding that’s truly “you,” you’re in the right place!  Welcome and can't wait to party with you! 

learn more about our lady in charge and Upstate Indie Weddings 

Heather sits down with Ashton Warner of Long Story Long to talk about her career path, her love of small business and all things weddings.   

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