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La Galleria Event’s Creative Rustic Buffalo Weddings

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

La Galleria Events is the perfect place for rustic Buffalo weddings! Their barn doors are to die for; the brick is antique and the vibe is warm. The LG team is amazing. Not only is their customer service top-notch, but they’re acknowledged amongst the wedding community as one of the best wedding professionals. Radio WYRK recognized this rustic beauty as the #3 top 10 wedding venue in Western New York! La Galleria Events is picturesque for couples looking to have rustic, indie weddings in Buffalo!

La Galleria Events opened its doors on March 27, 1976, as a Northern Italian restaurant. Over the years, this family-owned and operated business evolved from a local fine dining restaurant to a 400-seat banquet hall that can accommodate events of any size! La Galleria Events works hard to give couples the wedding of their dreams, following trends and combining them with their knowledge of the industry. They also partner with local friendors to bring artisans into the spotlight.

Their friendly approach trickles into their delicious sustainable food as well. They’re committed to providing you with the best farm-to-table wedding in the area. They’ve put their minds together into developing a unique and green-focused unforgettable dining experience filled with grass-fed meats, local produce, WNY honey (YUM!) and Finger Lakes wines on the table! Their chefs love to combine homemade delights with top quality ingredients, merging trends with classics. In addition, they have a garden where they pick fresh herbs and tomatoes throughout the summer. You & your guests will love it!

Throw any wedding formulas out the window! Forget about being cookie cutter! Forget about having your wedding looking like your neighbors! This is your day, not theirs. La Galleria Events strives to create new experiences thinking outside of the box. This is ideal for couples who appreciate local artisans & vendors who are great at their job. The goal is to wow guests with your ideas. Guests should arrive and say, “Wow, this is amazing” not, “Oh, my cousin did the same thing.” The LG is here to make that happen.

They take the time to get to know their clients and work with them over months (sometimes years) to get every detail right. Whether it’s craft brews and hot pretzels, soy-free vegan Indian, or jalapeno mac and cheese, it’s those little, personalized touches that make all the difference. Bring them your ideas! Whether they’re pins from Pinterest, pictures from blogs, Instagram, or wherever, they welcome it. They’ll help you take your ideas and transform them into something unique for the big day. You’re all on the same team: Operation Best Day Ever, as they call it!

This rustic treasure welcomes everyone to celebrate their love there, and though they can seat hundreds, they’ve found love in intimate, boutique weddings as well. Either way, with its warm aesthetic and incredible team, the LG gives an all-out unique experience to every couple that walks through their doors. They’re here to celebrate with you and innovate your wedding ideas and bring them to life!

Special thanks to Mari Sabra Photography, TPI Photography, Leanna Alexis Photography, Seventh Arrow Studio of Photography, Moonshine Studio and Drew Zinck Photography for the amazing photographs!

If you’re obsessed with this venue as much as we are, reach out through La Galleria Event’s directory listing here! Also, be sure to follow all of their socials!

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