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Handmade Happiness: Gift Wrapping

Why shouldn’t you make the outside as special as the inside?! Attractive gift wrapping is such a unique way to show someone you spent a lot of time on something for them!

Not very creative? No worries! Jot down something sentimental and have fun with swirly fonts and a paint pen on a kraft box! No tape, no ribbons, no fuss!

Make your present POP with 3-Dimensional details!! Cut outs of fun shapes in contrast colors are so sweet and special!

DIY Doily Details. Doilies never cease to amaze me with their versatility and delicate touch!

Add a personal touch with a favorite photo! Get crafty with the ribbon or twine and add a soft pom pom!

Yarn can add a sophisticated texture and pop of color to a plain box!

Incorporate some fresh greens! They smell great and look stunning! For the spring and summer opt for fresh or dried flowers!

Go buck wild. Confetti. Ribbon. Glitter. Fringe. You name it – use it all. Make every other sad box and bag at the gift table feel straight gift-envy!

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