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Experience and Passion Meet with Photography by Alexandra

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

The love of photography began at an early age for Alexandra, owner of Photography by Alexandra. “It’s cliché indeed, but my first camera was made by Fisher Price.”  She has since upgraded her equipment, but never lost her artistic passion, creative eye, or ability to anticipate the moment.  That passion is something that has brought Alexandra joy throughout her thirteen year career in photography. “Documenting a couple’s union and new life journey together is one of my greatest joys.  I am honored to be recognized as a professional in this industry in my hometown.”

Client Satisfaction is First Priority

“I have been humbled to hear that my personality and approach in the way I photograph sets me apart from other professionals in the industry.”  With the client relationship being held in the highest regard, Alexandra takes the time to understand each of her clients.  To begin each relationship, Alexandra will schedule an in person meeting for casual conversation over a friendly cup of coffee.  “Raw emotion cannot be captured through an image without a bond and trust.”  With this established relationship, Alexandra can provide flawless documentation of this important time in the lives of each of her couples.

Experience Helps to Capture Intimate Moments

With experience, Alexandra knows how easy it is to get caught up in the rhythm and repetition of a wedding day.  She knows that no couple, family, nor overall days events are the same.  Alexandra’s experience allows her to see all the unique and emotional moments of her client’s important day and capture the individuality of the couple. “The simplest, most intimate things, make a couple’s wedding day their own.  It’s my responsibility to showcase that and capture it for all to see.”

To book a coffee chat with Alexandra, pop over to her directory listing here or see more of her work on her Pinterest Page.

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