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Half Baked Cookies

Create magic moments, be the hero of the party, with thick, crispy on the outside, gooey in the middle Half-Baked Cookies, locally and woman owned.

What We Offer

Half Baked Cookies started out of the owner's kitchen with a passion for making the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Providing a much needed bit of bliss in the form of a warm and delicious reprieve from everyday life, Half Baked Cookies offers an impressive variety of premium cookies. Treats are made with love, using the highest-quality local ingredients, exactly the way you wanted, from their incredible team. New flavors are available weekly and the team can also accommodate special requests to make your special day extra sweet. Half Baked Cookies can provide individually wrapped cookies for the most functional of party favors or either our mini or full size cookies for a magnificent dessert table.

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Angila Snediker

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5407 Sheridan Drive, Buffalo, NY, USA

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