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Why Are Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings Bridal Shows The Best?

Our Buffalo Spring Bridal Showcase is coming right up THIS Sunday!! Get your pre-sale tickets today while they last! 

There are so many reasons to love our bridal shows, really. Even though there are others, none are quite like ours. Our bridal shows are parties, with the most creative wedding ideas around, cocktails, giveaways, DIY, fashion shows, and more.  These wedding ideas are presented by our kick ass members, who we carefully vet to make sure they fit in with our persnickety guidelines of awesomeness. We <3 our vendors. Our vendors BRING IT. We’re talkin’ no holds bar, givin’ it their all, pullin’ all the stops, goin’ all out, and any other creative idioms you can think of.  They basically rock and the bridal show and marketplaces are their big chance to show you what they’re made of, and meet you face to face to see if that spark is there!

Spark?! Yeah, spark. The kind of fuzzy feeling you get when you leave your photography consultation and you both secretly think, “I totally want to be friends with this person.” Your wedding vendors are going to be there with you on one of the most important days of your life! You need to trust them and believe in them! You, as bride and groom will depend on your wedding vendors for so much, sometimes more than you think. Trust us… you need that spark.

Not only will  you get to meet some of WNY’s best wedding vendors at our bridal shows, but you’ll find inspiration left, right, up and down! Grab a cocktail from the DIY mimosa bar, and enjoy three completely unique and differently styled fashion shows highlighting the freshest bridal trends, beauty and style- there is really something for everyone. We always have a DIY department chocked full of the coolest, most unique ideas for wedding gifts, accessories and more that you get to do right at the show! There’s tons of activities and fun to be had from dancing with the DJ’s, posing in the selfie station and photo booths, swag bag and more!

Lastly… the giveaways. OH… the giveaways! Each vendor has their own unique giveaway that YOU can win! You can win as many as you can! Pick and choose what you’re most hopeful for and cross your fingers!

Did we mention the cocktails, yet? 😉 Get your pre-sale tickets today while they last! 

Photos above thanks to Poppyseed Photography and North Glow Photography.

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