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Wedding Vendor Spotlight: French Press Letterpress & Design

“We’ve been in business for going on 9 years so we’ve seen quite a lot. Our experience yields confidence in our abilities to translate a client’s vision. This experience also provides us with the knowledge of knowing what will not work, both literally and visually.”- Shelly Kuzniarek of French Press

“We have extensive design and printing experience, which means we know what and how to make things happen for each and every budget. If a client comes to us with a $300 budget and want something fun, we translate that to coasters or place cards. Or if they have a more generous budget, we can do multiple pieces (letterpress and/or digital) that have a very unique and personal feel. The challenge of a budget always keeps our ideas fresh!”

When asked about her favorite styles and designs, Shelly said: “I have such a range: from vintage 19th century engravings to wood type to whimsical pen and inks. In all, I think I’m more excited about visual balance in a composition and the use of the hand—whether in typography, illustration or in making.”

A unique experience she recalls was a custom job she did for a couple in NY. “It was a Adirondack-themed invitation, RSVP postcard and map/directions/attractions piece that all fit into a custom made folder. The entire feel was cabin/rustic, but the size and papers used gave it a more elegant and noticeable presence. “

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