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Wedding Style Trends with B In A Bonnet: Geometric Gorgeousness!

Hey Brides, Hey!   My name is Beth and I’m the owner/designer at B in a Bonnet,  and oh how I love all things bridal.

My love affair with weddings started at a very young age.  I was a bleary eyed eight year old when my Mom woke me up for Princess Diana’s wedding at 5 am, and back then you had to watch live television! In between spoonfuls of lucky charms, and my Mom saying how wrinkled Diana’s dress had become, I became mesmerized by her 25 foot train.  I was instantly fascinated – Total goner!  The bridal bug had bit me.  

Transforming vintage & current supplies into bridal accessories is B in a Bonnet’s specialty.  I specialize in reconstructions of bridal gowns into bridal belts & headpieces.  Whether I find my goodies at antique stores, estate sales, or a thrift stores, I always squeeze as much love and fabulousness into every piece. Every bride should feel her most fabulous on the wedding day!  Just like Princess Diana, only less wrinkly!

For the better part of the 21st Century, brides have been coming up with unique and clever wedding design blueprints. With that being said, geometric wedding palate is nothing new on the bridal scene.  But there’s something to be said of the crisp lines, melded together with the beauty that encompasses a wedding. Let’s have a closer look into a fresh, head-to-toe geo gala!

When it comes to your wedding blueprint, are you a right-brain or left-brain bride?  Right brainers – creative, imaginative and visual.  Left brainers – linear, mathematically inclined and analytical. The marriage of both ways of thinking can be intermingled into a clean, crisp and imaginative nuptial interpretation.  The modern lines of geo-design (Left), and the use of expressive/ creative colors (Right), might just be the aesthetic your aiming for.

 So, to all you brides out there – give geometry gorgeousness a go, and ‘left’ to be right!

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This geometric golden tiara is a mathematic marvel, and this crown is all kinds of fun, Me-Ow!


Handcrafted gold leather wristlet from Norway pairs perfectly with these geometric cube threader earrings.


 Pair this natural and conflict free rose cut diamond ring with your wedding band that comes down the isle in this 3-D printed geo ring-box!

3-D geo-diamond nail charms (bonus-they’re reusable!) work well with this geometric laser cut cuff!

The guys will love this digitally printed, handmade silk satin tie!

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