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Wedding Inspiration : Red + Teal

Who knew these two bold colors would pair together so perfectly? From classic American to perfectly pop, we think this retro color match will be one of the hottest trends in the upcoming season & can’t wait to see more! Click each image for direct pin & view the full Pinterest board here!

At the bottom of this pic: another simple, pretty cake.  We could just frost it white and have a little pile of berries or even real flowers (so easy, just plop them right on) on top.

Take out the red, and make it the appropriate shade of blue. Maybe only one tier with the pattern. Then just classy white and something on the top.

Steph another one for you for a fall wedding. I love the blue with the reds and oranges. So unique.

Wedding Hair Comb Aqua Turquoise Red Cyan Teal White Bridesmaids Bridal Hair Comb Hair Jewelry Accessories Venetian Boudoir

RED AND TEAL!!  the center pieces look simple...teal/aquamarine marbles/glass stones, spray painted red branches, candles!

soda shoppe 'milkshake' cupcakes & mini cherry hand pies! This is an awesome party.

This is super cute wedding day pics!!! This is exactly how i would love to see my best friends with me with aqua and red, aqua for my boys... red for me!! :)

Tip of the Day: Add a splash of summery red with tall red coral accents, a Wow Factor touch for destination weddings and beach weddings. Coral comes in so many types, not just those round pieces you find on the beach, and this summer’s new centerpiece color flair and height come from these visually-fascinating natural extensions.

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