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Wedding Hashtags : Buffalo Indie Weddings Quick Tips!

William and Kate’s Royal Wedding was the first nuptial to trend internationally. With the help of a common hashtag, the loving public was able to see every detail of the couple’s big day. Hashtags are an easy way for guests to tag and share tweets and pictures across all social media platforms. So how exactly does the modern bride go about creating a personalized hashtag?

First, choose your wedding style. Are you classic, modern or clever? Your hashtag should reflect on the type of atmosphere you want your big day to have. (We personally love our hashtag #partyonbrides because it showcases our love of a wedding being one big party!)

Second, be sure to personalize to prevent confusion with a repeat hashtag. You’ve already worked so hard to make your wedding special, don’t skimp on the hashtag! Of course the possibilities are endless, but here are just a few simple formulas for creating the perfect hashtag:

Classic Brides

#+ Mr + and + Mrs+ last name= #MrandMrsJones

# + The + last name + Wedding= #TheJonesWedding

# + The + last name = #TheJones

Modern Brides

# + groom’s fist name + bride’s first name +2013= #mattandkim2013

# + groom’s first name + plus + bride’s first name = #mattpluskim

# + groom’s first initial + bride’s first initial + wedding = #MKwedding

Clever Brides

# + party + on + last name = #PartyOnSmiths

# + mixture of names/couple nickname + wedding = #TomKatwedding

# + last name + party + of + 2 = #SmithsPartyof2

Quick Tips

-Be as specific as possible, especially if you have a common name! The more detail you include, the better your hashtag will stand out. Personalizing prevents other weddings that might have the same hashtag from showing up in your feed!

-Having a hometown wedding? Try including the area code or zipcode for a cute personalized touch. This makes your hashtag extra specific, filtering out other weddings!

-Stay away from any form of spacing and punctuation. These break up your hashtag, making it impossible for guests to find the tagged material.

-Create the hashtag long before your wedding day. Include it on save the dates and all invitations to get your guests involved from the beginning!

-Display the hashtag where guests can see it easily. The most popular places include the bar, the entrance to your reception, ceremony program and even the table setting.

-Encourage Tweeting and Instagramming! A wedding hashtag is a fun (and free!) way to get guests involved in your big day.

Happy hashtagging! xo

Presented by our fabulous summer intern, Erin Rapp!

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