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Top Bridal Trends for 2015

With a new year comes brand new ideas! Here is a list of our favorite new ideas for weddings in 2015!


In bouquets, draped over chairs or hanging from the ceiling, floral arrangements and decor that are abundant with greenery lend themselves so well to a variety of themes. You can keep it tonal, or soft with white peonies or roses, or make them stand out with bold poppies and bright rannaculus!

Selfie Stationery

Whether it’s the save -the-date or the program for the ceremony, couples are continuing to carry their personalities through their party with fun and lighthearted snap shots!

Locally crafted Samplings

Keep it local and keep it light! Couples are straying away from the large buffets and traditional sit-down dinners and choosing grazing stations full of locally made delicacies! The bar is no exception! Couples want to select a menu that expresses their personality and making sure their guests enjoy it. A craft cocktail and beer spread is so much fun for the guests and way more tasty! Whether it’s a food truck or a farm to table array of fruits and vegetables – it’s all about keeping it local!

Textural Desserts

This year is the year of luxurious and textural wedding desserts! Say bye-bye to smooth fondant, and hello to naked cakes and rugged cream frostings!

British Infusion

Royalty never goes out of style, but here for us American’s it’s all the rage! With a new season of Downton Abbey starting, and Princess Kate expecting her second babe (and still looking fabulous!), we can’t get enough of this traditional romance!

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