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The Powerhouse Reopens as Industrial Wedding Venue in Buffalo

The Powerhouse is reopening as the premier industrial wedding venue in the city. The venue boasts 22,000 sq. ft and can fit up to 1,200 people for a sit-down dinner and 3,000 for a cocktail party, basically making it anyone’s dream. In a few months, the venue is officially booking weddings starting Nov. 2021. The space has so much potential, and it’s literally a vendor’s dream! Between the 50-foot windows, steel columns, exposed brick, it’s the perfect setting for an industrial wedding. No other venue in Buffalo can rival this. It took a hot minute to get here, though.

The history behind the structure

The Powerhouse is like a cat, it’s had nine lives. Built in 1917, The Schoellkopf Powerhouse was the first structure built on the Buffalo Color Park Property. It was originally the home of Aniline & Chemical Company, a manufacturer of dyes and different colorants for the textile industry. Providing innovative color formations to the industry, Schoellkopf quickly became the world leader of dye and color products.

Fast forward to multiple transitions, the facility was sold to Buffalo Color Corporation. After roughly 25 years of operations, Buffalo Color closed, and the 45-acre production facility sat dormant for almost a decade. However, after a $15 million renovation, anything is possible. 

The Powerhouse has found a second life as the epicenter of entertainment and commercial activity for the entire area and future weddings. With multiple options, the front lawn is ideal for a gorgeous tent, while the soon-to-be rooftop makes for a picturesque sunset ceremony. The possibilities are endless for couples getting hitched. 

A peek into the Powerhouse

In June, we held our first in-person bridal show since the pandemic at the Powerhouse. We thought it’d be a great idea to actually show you the various aspects of the venue because it truly is that badass. The Powerhouse is reopening as the ideal industrial wedding venue.

Reach out to Tess through the Powerhouse’s directory listing!

If you’re a local pro that wants to take your side hustle to the next level, let’s start!

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