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The Art of Bartending

Updated: Aug 12

Meet Ron, bartending guru and owner of Buffalo Bartenders.

The Backstory

As a bartender with 20 years experience, Ron was often asked to bartend private events outside of his regular job. He saw that this was a big opportunity, however his schedule just didn't allow for it....until COVID. With so many disruptions to wedding plans, the need became even greater for bartenders to come to backyards, smaller venues, etc to help make these events the best experience they could be. Ron saw his opportunity and in 2020, Buffalo Bartenders was born.

Setting The Bar

Ron and his team offer bartending services when the venue or caterer do not, making them a critical partner when a couple falls in love with a space but are limited on drink options. Buffalo Bartenders offers not only the bartenders, but also the bar itself if needed, the mixers, ice chests and coolers, paper products and garnishes. Their stellar reputation has also earned them a regular bartending residencies at both Akron Acres and Turning Point Homestead.

Small Business Style Service

Being a small, local business allows Ron and his staff to get to know his clients on a personal level and customize the bar menu exactly to their tastes. "One of our favorite services is the creation of specialty cocktails for our clients. We work with them to learn their likes and dislikes and create 5-10 samples for them to try. Clients then have two options: we meet, and they sample their cocktails and provide feedback. The second, and our favorite, we deliver everything they need to sample their cocktails. We encourage them to put their favorite music on, make their cocktails and enjoy the time with their fiance! After they test them, they will provide feedback, and we will make the necessary changes to ensure they are 100% happy."

Bring in the Big Bar

Looking to take your bar experience up a notch? Check out their newest addition... The Portable Bar Trailer. This bar trailer option comes complete with patio and furniture, portable heaters, a 70-inch tv, full bar setup and more! This would be a perfect addition to your outdoor reception, engagement party or bachelor/bachelorette party!

To learn more about Buffalo Bartenders and connect with Ron, hop over to their directory listing here.

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