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Stag Pack Makes Gathering Your Guys Gifts a Snap!

So, my fiance and I have been planning our wedding since August 2017. The big day is February 2020. Here I am with my spreadsheets, Google Docs connecting all pertinent parties, well-thought out gifts and “will you be my bridesmaids” cards and all that… and he’s always asking me what he needs to do and asked his groomsmen to stand up over a handshake. Now, before I go on… I’m not trying to bash the male gender or anything like that… but here comes the segue… A service like Stag Pack is exactly what my Michael would like and even love. It’s easy, compact, and put together so perfectly. (Michael has impeccable style so he appreciates good design.) But really, the options of gift sets that Stag Pack offers are so functional and thoughtful!

Cars, camping, brews and bartending are just a sample of the categories of gifts you can choose from! Use the boxes as a gift for your groomsmen or shower gifts! They can even create customized gift boxes for fundraisers and corporate events. See all of what Stag Pack has to offer here in our directory!

Are you a creative wedding vendor who’s looking to connect with more like yourself? Learn how to become a member here today!

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