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Spotlight: Smith and Nash Hand-painted Apparel

Based in Buffalo, New York, Smith and Nash dominates hand-painted apparel. It’s a dream come true for ladies looking to spice up their wedding day ensemble. Specializing in custom, hand-painted jackets, they provide a wearable piece of art you won’t want to take off.

Smith and Nash is custom design service specializing in original works of art that are hand-painted on your apparel for your special day and beyond. From your favorite flower to your new last name, it’s these personal details that help make your wedding day one-of-a-kind. The designs are hand-painted right here in Buffalo out of a small studio in her apartment. She finds it important to provide a local service as it allows her to make a meaningful human connection to the community that she serves.

The owner decided to take her love for fashion and design and mix it up with her love for painting. Thus, Smith and Nash was born! Where did the name come from? It is a combination of her mother’s maiden name and her father’s last name. Fittingly, both of her parents are artists by trade, as well as her biggest supporters. Perfect for a business in the wedding industry, they are also a shining example of true love. Lucky for us and our brides, they have always encouraged her to follow her heart and share her talents with others.

Smith and Nash provides a unique experience by incorporating what is most meaningful to the couple she is working with, into their particular design. She works directly with them to design a jacket that embodies their unique love story. She takes them through the design process, keeping them informed each step of the way, before painting the approved design on a leather or jean jacket. It is hearing first hand how a couple fell in love, that she is able to create a design that is unique to that couple.

Smith and Nash provides a higher standard of style and quality as all of the designs are hand-painted. She believes this adds a personal touch, by allowing her to connect to each particular painting. It also ensures that no two paints are ever the same. She believes that fashion and personal style can convey a strong message to who we are as individuals. She hopes to open the floor to couples who are seeking something special for their wedding day, that is also an extension of their personal style. Moreso, it is a treasure that you will be able to wear long after your dress is put away.

Make sure you reach out to Smith and Nash through her directory listing right here & follow her socials!

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