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Sola Enchanted Petals and Gifts Makes Florals That Last Forever

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Looking for florals to last beyond just your special day?  Introducing wooden floral artist Christine and her floral design company,  Sola Enchanted Petals and Gifts.   Her gorgeous designs are custom made for any occasion, but weddings are her specialty.

Getting to Know the Artist Behind the Stems

Photography Credit Matt Weinburg Photography

With an untraditional start, Sola Enchanted Petals began when Christine stepped away from her profession in the medical field.  With more time on her hands, she began to experiment with wooden florals.  That experimentation led to the development of a talent she didn’t even know she had!   Not only is Christine the head floral designer of Sola Enchanted Petals and Gifts, she’s also a wife and mother to several fur babies.  She enjoys spending her free time with her husband and friends in the warmer southern climates.  She is an avid traveler and is also a competitive Latin and Ballroom dancer!

What Makes this Floral Designer Stand Out

Christine enjoys working with each couple personally and coming up with something that is creative and unique.  While her personal style tends to lean towards bohemian and wild, she has a portfolio of experience in several styles.  Whether wild and green, pristine and elegant, unnatural and chaotic, she can create something to match your personality.  “Seeing pictures and hearing the feedback from the brides and grooms I work with has always been the most important part of my business.  Knowing I might potentially see my customers again makes me focus on making a lasting positive experience through the highest quality of work and care for their investment.”

“While a lot of florists offer many packages, we have both packages and custom creations. You get to choose the design, the colors, and any accessories you’d like to put on them.”  Christine partners with her clients and lets their creativity drive the entire design process, if they wish.  “We offer a lot of choice in the design of the florals.  We have some set sizes and prices but we also let the brides and grooms customize how large or small they want their florals. On top of all that, very few places provide you with flowers that look exactly as they did on your wedding day as they do on your 10th anniversary.”

Making Florals That Will Last Forever

One of the benefits of her wooden flowers is first and foremost quality.  Although you can find other wooden flower artists in the market, Christine has spent years perfecting her own formulas.  This allows her to achieve flawless color matching and textures that make it hard to tell her creations are not natural flowers.  Because so many of her designs are custom made, she has experience with every color and style that will make a lasting statement in your home for years to come!

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Photography Credit Matt Weinburg Photography

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