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Rochester Wedding Trends: Bridal Makeup Trends

Guest blog post presented by Ilana from Sugar and Type, a design studio with a serious passion for paper!

Hello Buffalo! I’m so excited to be a member of Buffalo Indie Weddings, rep’ping your sister city, Rochester! I started my business after getting my Bachelors of Fine Art from RIT, and it’s been an incredible journey. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients, and it’s been so fun to share my own journey planning my own wedding!


I didn’t dare do my own makeup the day of my wedding, I looked to a professional to find the right colors, the right balance, and of course, to feel pampered and beautiful. I asked Makeup Artist Eva Jewel if she could share some trends about wedding makeup with us today.

Photography by Greg Hollar Projects Protography | Makeup by Eva Jewel

Photography by Greg Hollar Projects Protography | Makeup by Eva Jewel

Photography by Greg Hollar Projects Protography | Makeup by Eva Jewel

Eva said she’s noticed two major trends for brides: False Lashes, and airbrush makeup.

False Lashes: These enhance your eyes, and emphasize the shape of them. If done right they look totally natural, and absolutely amazing in photos. (Don’t try this at home – book an appointment with Eva!) Eva said her favorite way to use false lashes is to use individual ones instead of strips. When you use individual lashes you can fill in any empty spaces and add a more natural looking volume and length to your lash line. I wore them for my wedding, and they stayed on for a couple days and I didn’t even notice them! They were super comfortable (I wear contacts so I touch my eyes a lot) and I loved the way they looked natural with a big impact.

Airbrush Makeup: The makeup used for airbrushing is a specific formula applied through a compressor machine. The formula is long-wear (usually it’s also water resistant or waterproof) and it’s easily build-able for different levels of coverage. My sister and I both had our makeup airbrushed, and I swear, we felt flawless! Everyone commented on how smooth and natural our makeup looked! If you’re not comfortable the idea of airbrushing, Eva’s got you covered! The same look can be accomplished WITHOUT having the airbrush makeup, it’s all about the way you apply it! YES PLEASE!

Did you wear false lashes for your wedding? How about airbrush? Tell us what you thought! Thanks so much to Eva for sharing these trends with us!

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