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Redefining Wedding Dessert Tradition with Ohlson’s Bakery Cafe

You know those cupcakes that are the size of softballs? Just, loaded with frosting? Where the frosting even outweighs the cake?! I was lucky enough to be treated by a friend to 4 uber decadent cupcakes at a dinner party one night. I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I can choose between flavors, whether it’s donuts, cookies, or any dessert… so we cut them up and shared! Know that I’m speaking from personal experience when I say that Ohlson’s Bakery is the real deal. I personally don’t even like cake, but these were perfect! Imagine my surprise when just about one week later I get a phone call from Lisa Ohlson asking what we at Buf/Roc Indie Weddings is all about! #itsmeanttobe #kismet Ohlson’s Bakery Cafe has been in business for over 4 generations, so their family recipes have clearly stood the test of time! To cater to today’s modern couple, the family behind Ohlson’s Bakery is serving up some of the finest desserts you can imagine, but with their beloved family recipes as the base. From multi-tiered wedding cakes to cupcakes, you can find that classic wedding dessert you’ve been dreaming about. If you’d like something a bit more off-beat, try their macrons, tarts, and modern designer cookies. They also have gluten free options! The best part of visiting Ohlson’s for your tasting is being able to spend the afternoon sampling their cafe dishes and coffees along with your desserts! They pride themselves on making their desserts fresh and never freeze them, and put all of their passion into your special dessert. Reach out to Ohlson’s Bakery today!

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