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Polished Nail Bar Provides Eco-Friendly Luxury

Updated: Jun 9

Meet owner Jamie and the staff of Polished Nail Bar of WNY, an eco-friendly, luxury nail salon located in Clarence, NY. Polished Nail Bar focuses on the health & wellness of their guests & staff by using locally made organic products, with low toxic & non toxic options in a superbly clean & ventilated space. Polished is an elevated atmosphere to host a uniquely curated experience for groups, wedding parties, bachelorettes & couples.

Jamie’s Origin Story

“I grew up in a construction yard with my family business being masonry. Independence was instilled in me at a young age and I was always drawn to the creative side of organization and the efficiency of engineered workspaces. I need to know and understand the way things operate, and I love configuring how to maximize workflows for a smarter not harder approach for just about anything from cooking to operating machinery. I’m an outdoors woman who loves working with my hands, music, the arts and animals. I still surprise myself that I ever got caught into the amazing business of beauty because my happy place is in the woods, my garden with my dogs and chickens, traveling too odd spots with my husband, or in the field of a concert venue. I feel I am the truest representation of the meaning of separation between work and home. I opened Canvas Salon & Gallery in 2015 after working independently as a stylist for many years. My experiences in the salons I worked in prior helped me make definitive decisions about my health, my work environment, who I want to work with, and my life balance. When I opened Polished in 2021 I was able to apply the next chapter of experiences to grow as an owner and leader. I also work in the arts as a founding partner at Daughters Art and curate inhabited spaces with installations, exhibits and murals around town!  I enjoy keeping busy and am dedicated to changing the assumption that busy is a bad word.”

What Makes Polished Nail Bar Unique?

Polished Nail Bar offers luxury specialized nail services in a spa like environment that focuses on experience. Working with local company, Buffalo Gal Organics, they produce exclusive products, so that they maintain full control over the ingredients in their line of body and nail care products.  The nail technicians work with high quality brands like Zoya and Kiara Sky for their clarity on non toxic and low toxic color and finish options for regular polish, gel polish, dip powder & soft gel extensions.

What Can you Expect When You Book an Appointment?

Polished Nail Bar wants to set expectations for appointments up front. First, appointments are required so that staff can dedicate their focus on YOU and not multi-tasking.  During an appointment guests receive a personalized consultation, beverage service, heated neck wraps, blankets & pillows for seat comfort, updated and trending polish selections, extended and focused massage, and education on care and maintenance between visits.  Appointments are made easy to manage with online booking in addition to their personalized concierge who answers all the questions, manages waitlists and provides direct access for our group bookings to ensure thorough communication.

Acrylic services are not offered here, due to their low-toxin standards.  Polished Nail Bar offers a variety of levels of service- from their staple Bar Mani and CBD Pedi, to relaxing luxury seasonal treatments which includes a flower petal soak, a warm essential oil neck wrap and a therapeutic leg and neck massage. Looking for unique nail art that is right on trend? The incredible artists on staff can do that too!

The Importance of Community

“We are a local small business that works with other local small businesses that live, work, and play in our back yard.  We keep the wedding industry close to home and personalized because we work with our neighbors to provide our community an experience to be proud of….Our guests love that this is their ‘home base’ nail salon and they love ‘their’ nail tech and the relationships they create in the shop”

To learn more about Polished Nail Bar of WNY and the rest of our Upstate Indie Wedding crew, click here!

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