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Plan your Perfect Honeymoon Getaway with The Travel Team

Meet Nicole, travel guru at The Travel Team!  Nicole and her team create custom travel experiences for their couples that take the uncertainty and research out of the honeymoon so that you can focus on planning your wedding.

As as avid traveler, Nicole always knew she wanted to work in this industry. She began working in hospitality and began that career abroad working at a hotel in Lake Como, Italy during college.  From that experience, she was hooked!  After leaving Buffalo shortly after graduation, Nicole went on to work in some of Southern California’s finest hotels.  “Now, I enjoy helping people explore the world and make memories.  From my own experiences, I understand just how daunting it can be to plan a trip across the country, let alone to several countries internationally. That’s why I love to make the planning process easy and act as your personal guiding resource for a truly carefree vacation. I specialize in planning everything from destination weddings and honeymoons to family vacations and group travel.”

What Makes The Travel Team Special

The Travel Team prides themselves on being a local travel agency in Western New York that provides attention and exceptional service to our clients.  The team offers a wide range of reputable supplies to fulfill their travel packages. They also have an extensive network of luxury hotels that they collaborate with to offer exclusive perks and amenities.

“Not only do I bring knowledge and experience concerning destinations around the globe, but I understand the unique challenges that come with organizing and customizing these types of trips. My approach is simple.  I want to get to know what your vision is.  I’ll manage all of the logistics your trip entails, including airlines, hotels, immersive activities, and much more.  I’m committed to creating an itinerary that makes the absolute most of your time-frame and budget, no matter what that might be.”

How Does the Planning Process Begin?

“I will always start with a conversation with the couple about their interests and vision to start planning a honeymoon and destination wedding. We discuss where they have already traveled, what they would like to do, how much time they have to be away, and of course budget.  It really is a personal framework for their trip.”

Nicole’s Tips for a Romantic Getwaway

  1. Book a room with a view.  “The first thing you will do when you arrive is check the view out so make sure it is a great one. I also always ask couples during the planning state what one thing is that they each want this trip to offer then I help find a destination or resort that fills each of those wishes.”

  2. Skip the Driving.  “If possible try to skip a car rental when abroad as driving in another country can be very stressful and who wants stress on a romantic trip. It also might be tempting to plan on seeing three or four cities if thinking about honeymooning in another country but each time you change locations you lose more time sightseeing since you have to check-out, take transportation, and check-in at the next hotel. I always say less moving will mean more time relaxing and exploring together.”

  3. Check for Upgrades: “It’s always worth checking for romance packages at the resort or room upgrades prior. These are optional add-ons but the extra cost might be worth the amenities. Doesn’t breakfast in bed followed by a private beach cabana rental for the day sound nice?!”

Photos:  Special Thanks to Lydia Maybee Photography

Interested in planning the perfect getaway?  Reach out to Nicole and the team here in their directory! If you’re a local wedding creative who wants to be featured in our blog, too –click here to learn more! 

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