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NoPlanetBCo Soy Wedding Candles

NoPlanetBCo soy wedding candles specializes in custom 2, 4, and 8 ounce soy wax candles and wax melts. With over 150 different oil blends, you can create your own custom candle for your big day! Take it a step further with add-in’s such as dried fruits, dried herbs, crystals, hidden messages and biodegradable,  plastic-free glitter! Owner and maker Kelly is so passionate about her craft and the planet.

Caring for your Wedding and the Planet

“Ever since I was 10, I have always wanted to help the planet anyway possible,” Kelly explains. “From donating to organizations to participating in clean ups. I want to make sure our city’s, towns and our planet are beautiful for other generations to enjoy. I never thought about starting a business to help the environment, however, time off during the pandemic inspired me!

“Personally, I enjoy camping and being outdoors. I feel so fulfilled that I am able to give back through my company! That is why I am a small local business; because I want to give back to the Earth and planet while designing one of a kind candles for others to enjoy!”

NoPlanetBCo Soy Wedding Candles

Kelly works with clients one-on-one when selecting the perfect scent. “We then can add any extras you would like inside or on top. After you choose what your custom candles are for your big event, we can pick what you would like the labels to say! They can be customized to say whatever you like with dates and names!

“My candles are not only clean and eco-friendly, but I also make them one-of-a-kind options for them that other don’t! I love being able to create custom orders that others will enjoy! Candles don’t have to be a boring favor anymore!

“We use all locally sourced soy wax from the US! Our oils, dried fruits/herbs/flowers and glitter are from other locally owned (mostly all women) small businesses! We really care about what materials we use because when you are burning a candle or melting a wax melt, we want to make sure everything is clean! We don’t want you or anyone else breathing in any harsh or unknown chemicals in your home!

“We help and support everybody and anyone no matter who you love! We want to create custom gift favors for your special day that is specific to you and your significant other! They want special and amazing candles that they will love ad others will love and remember the amazing day that they got to experience with others they care about!”

Reach out to Kelly at NoPlanetBCo wedding candles in her directory listing right here!

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