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New York International Bridal Fashion Week

This past week was New York International Bridal Fashion Week, a marketplace that shows off the best names in the bridal industry. We were so inspired by all of these amazing looks! Here are some of our favorites from Instagram!

From lavish, couture gowns to effortless, ready-to-wear dresses, Bridal Fashion Week was full of texture and drama!

texture 3
texture 2 drama
texture 4

Can we just take a minute to appreciate these gorgeous accessories?!

accessories 2
accessories 1
accessories 3
accessories 4

These gowns are RED HOT! Would you dare to wear red on your big day?

red dress 3

red dress good 1
red dress 1

Okay, this dress isn’t red but we’re still burning up!


Looking for some inspiration a little closer to home? Our Bridal Show on 10.25.15 has the most creative local vendors and even a fashion show of our own! Register here for our biggest party yet!

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