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Natural Photos from Chelsea Modern Images

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

A beautiful rustic wedding

Meet Chelsea, owner of Chelsea Modern Images, a natural light portrait photographer with bohemian heart.

Bringing a bright, natural aesthetic mixed with boho vibes to each photo shoot, Chelsea likes to personalize the her work to fit the mood and clients she is photographing.  She owns a natural light studio and can offer beautiful in-studio sessions in her Lewiston home base.  Looking for an on-location session?  No problem!  Chelsea has lived in several places throughout New York and has an arsenal of gorgeous hidden location gems.  Chelsea Modern Images offers packages that include high resolution digital images, as well as additional items such as albums, gifts and wall art to help my clients enjoy the most important moments of their lives forever.

A natural bohemian wedding

“I like to diffuse the anxiety that surrounds being photographed and the pressure to be “photogenic” by making my clients laugh and be goofy.  I want to change the conversation around photography sessions so that the experience itself is desirable, not just the final product. Once we’ve worked together for an engagement or bridal session, my couples and I are like old friends, and their nerves are gone the moment I show up on their wedding day.”

I work hard to keep wedding photography FUN, and lighthearted, so that my couples can enjoy their day and their guests, as well as have the photos of their dreams.  I get all of the necessary posed photos, but then I work to highlight what makes each wedding special, the couples unique, and the zany candid moments that will make everyone laugh for years to come.  Weddings aren’t stuffy and staged anymore – wedding photography shouldn’t be either.

A Love for Photography at a Young Age

“I am part classically-trained photographer, part hippie-chick; both technical and artistic.  I’m obsessed with visual art and live music and am known for traveling pretty much anywhere to see the bands that I love.  I fell in love with photography at 14 in a darkroom. From the first time I developed a print I knew that photography was magic.”   With a degree in Fine Art Photography from Buffalo State University and a freelance career that began in 2003, dreams came true when Chelsea opened her own studio in 2016 and walking through the doors still has the same magic.

“The free spirit in me loves the flexibility that comes with being a small business owner, and the personal touch of being able to engage with my village community. I have 6 needy children (3 human, 3 canine), and photography allows me to remain available for all of their important moments.  There is a great deal of work involved with small business ownership, but my successes are all my own and at the end of the day I’m very proud of the work that I produce.”

The Coolest Couples

Chelsea’s ideal couples are not necessary the ones with the biggest budgets or the most extravagant weddings planned, “they are the ones that put their hearts and personalities into the day and make it unique to themselves and their union together.  My couples are the coolest because their day is about celebrating love, happiness and life.  When we click (pun intended) we make magic together.

To book a consultation with Chelsea, pop over to her directory listing here!

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