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Natural Naked Cakes : Wedding Day Inspiration

For those non-traditional brides looking to do something offbeat for dessert, naked cakes are a fabulous option. Naked cakes strip away all the exterior frosting, buttercream and fondant and leave you with the beautiful basics. The texture and natural colors of the cake are the charming details that make this dessert so alluring. Just because this cake is ‘naked’ does not mean that it needs to be boring. There are so many fun ways to accentuate and accessorize this rustic sweet for your wedding!

You can include all different flavors… Photo: Momofuku Milk Bar

Vary the textures to add interest. This Baby’s Breath is such a fun addition! Photography: Crystal Stokes Photography, Photography: Braedon Flynn

The colors of this fruit and these flowers are an incredible combination. You can add even more personality to your cake with a cake topper! Photography: Kate Osborne, Photo: Etsy

You would never think to put succulents on a cake but they give it a lovely organic look. Photography: Katherine O’Brien

These layers have a wonderful color palate and cascading flowers give a romantic feel.

All photos provided by Pinterest

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