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Money-Saving Wedding Tips : Don’t Bust the Bank on Your Big Day

Weddings can be the most expensive event of your life, even more so than buying a car or putting a downpayment on your dream home! We want to show you ways to have your perfect day, without sacrificing a thing.

1) Find the Right Vendors. Our collection of talented wedding artisans are all small business owners, who will work with you directly to find creative ways to make the most of your budget. One of the biggest perks of working with small business owners is their care & dedication to their craft, and their love of their customers. Almost all of our vendors will create customized packages for you around your budget. Get in touch with our vendors here.

{Flowers & photo via Fern Croft Floral}

2) Be Flexible.  Does your wedding have to be on a peak Saturday in July? Or could you still tie the knot with your sweetie and throw one hell of a party in the winter? What about a fabulous Sunday brunch wedding in a gorgeous garden or a Friday night boogie? Opening up your options will save you BIG time. Most venues and vendors offer serious discounts for non-Saturday weddings & off-season celebrations.

{Gorgeous winter wedding photography by Lydia Maybee}

3) Pick One Place to Celebrate. If you’re not having a church wedding, say your vows and have your party all in one place to save some cash like this couple did! Having your ceremony & reception at the same place cuts back on decor costs and transportation fees. You’ll also save your guests the hassle of killing time between the celebrations, and save yourselves the stress of running all over town. You can even ensure that you still get all of the photos you’d like by doing a First Look.


{First Look of BIW co-founder Erica & her husband Jay, perfectly captured by Onion Studio}

4) Prioritize. Pick and choose which element(s) of the wedding are the absolute most important to you, and be prepared to place a good chunk of your budget there. Do you want to have a handmade designer wedding dress? High-end, gorgeous photography? Gourmet food and wine for all 300 of your guests? Having a budget wedding doesn’t mean cutting back on everything; pick what matters most to you and find ways to scale back in other areas.

{Handmade gown & veil by made by anatomy | Photography by City Lights Studio}

5) Get Crafty! Follow our blog for weekly DIY wedding projects, from gift ideas, to decor, to favors & more. Be inspired. Be unique. Be you.


{Just a few of the fun DIY projects that we showcased at our Crafts & Cocktails event last month | Craft above by Dana Marie Photography}


Sure, there will be elements of your wedding that you (or you mother-in-law…) have always dreamt of. You don’t need to throw everything out the window. But do move forward in your planning knowing that the modern wedding is built around the bride & groom, and designed as the most fabulous & fun party they’ll ever throw. There really aren’t any rules to follow, or guidelines to abide by anymore. Don’t get caught up spending money on all of the things that you’ve been told you’re supposed to spend money on. No matter what you do, make it your own, and have a blast planning together!

{Photography by Michelle Day}

Don’t forget to #partyonbrides! Have other money-saving tips to add? Email us! 

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