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Modern Wedding Trends: Incorporating Hand Fasting Into Your Wedding Ceremony

So here at BIW/RIW we’re all about shaking up tradition – not necessarily forgoing it completely (wink). The only way to ever move an idea or trend forward is to reflect on the past and adapt. Lots of wedding ceremonies these days are happening outside of secular walls, so knowing a good officiant is really important! They lead the entire ceremony and speak the words that you’ll remember for the rest of your new lives together! Keri Klein, of Flower City Nuptials is sharing one of her favorite little traditions in a ceremony, hand fasting! See how you can incorporate this adorable and sentimental step into your “I do’s”!

The origin of hand fasting, or binding is Irish/Scottish and it used to be a temporary marriage. It was the equivalent to what we know now as being betrothed or engaged. When it is used in weddings it where we get the verbiage “tying the knot.” Most literally, cords or ribbon are tied around the couple’s hands, wrists or forearms binding them together.  I am performing one in a ceremony in a few weeks and the couple is using a piece of cloth from the groom’s grandmother who recently passed away who was from Scotland. Here are some sweet examples of this charming tradition being done by modern couples!



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