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Modern wedding registry: handmade pottery

So let’s be real. Who even wants a “special occasion” china set these days? Long gone are the days where your crystal goblets impressed the in-laws and you needed the set of tea-cups for afternoon lunch. While the nostalgia of those traditions are appealing, we prefer some really well designed, hand-made ceramics!

Set of Three Handmade Tapas Plates - Ceramic Plate Set - Geometric Plates - Pottery Plates - Ceramics and Pottery - MADE TO ORDER

Mountain Sponge Holder-Napkin Holder-Ceramics And Pottery
Hanging Planter with Gold - Hanging Succulent Planter - Gold Ceramic Planter
Cone Wall Planter - Airplant Holder - Wall Pocket - Wall Vase - Ceramics and Pottery - Mint Ceramics

Some local spots to find interesting pottery like those above are:

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