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Member Spotlight; Costamagna Design

“Weddings are more personal and emotional than any other event and I consider myself a very emotional and romantic person. Being able to create a beautiful wedding for my clients, that will ensure treasured memories forever, is extremely rewarding.  I get involved very deeply in every wedding I do.” – Carla Measer-Costamagna, owner.

I started in 2003 interning for an event production company in New York and was soon hired by this company. Always trying to think outside the box, I slowly added a design element to their events. I worked designing stages and fashion events for Macy’s Herald Square. But it wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco and was hired as designer at Robert Fountain Event Design that my passion for design and weddings truly began.

{ More photos here in my feature on the

What makes Costamagna Design stand out from other planners in WNY is our broad portfolio of work from New York to San Francisco and the world. Owner and designer, Carla Measer-Costamagna was raised in several cities and countries. Multicultural communities and diversity were the foundations of her upbringing. This, coupled with her “design” oriented approach to planning, is reflected in the extensive palette of aesthetic elements Costamagna Design brings to every occasion.

Costamagna Design makes it a point to always stay fresh with global trends, not only in the event industry but also in the interior design, fashion, cuisine and entertainment industries. Costamagna Design offers our clients the full package experience.

{ See more from this wedding in my feature on Rock n’ Roll Bride! } {Photo via Nickel City Studios}


{ Photos provided by Carla Costamagna }

The “perfect couple” are the clients who knows that their wedding is not about what it will “look” like but the overall experience and the love this once-in-a-lifetime experience will bring to their lives and the lives of their friends and family. I believe in details but it’s also important to know that the details will mean nothing if they bring stress and tension to the couple. I would love all my clients to relax, leave things in my hands and trust that I will bring their vision into reality. I will give them the wedding of their dreams and more. I love clients that trust me and know that I will take care of them and guide them in their planning so they can leave all the stress behind. I love enthusiastic, creative and fun clients who care more about their love and less about “the event”. That’s my part to worry about. It is these types of clients that are always happier in the end and are able to live in their moment and take in the details.

I go above and beyond to accomplish anything my clients desire! For example, a previous client fell in love with a charger that was only available in very small quantities, so I gathered a group of friends for a “charger antiquing brunch” complete with bagels and mimosas and I was able to supply her 500 chargers painted the way she wanted.

My 2015 Prices vary per event and per service and start at $1350 for day of coordination.

Floral design prices vary per client and things like size of event, type of flowers, seasonality of flowers, scale of arrangements, etc. Please call for a constulation!

I offer pick up and delivery services, and I offer a 20% discount for Veterans and Troops.

You can ask me any questions about your big day! Reach me through my website:

Or stop by my showroom in East Aurora, NY!

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