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Meet Rustic Barn Designs and Her Unique Signage

Through creating Rustic Barn Designs and developing unique signage, Jordyn Long found her niche. It all started when she was planning & designing her wedding that this leftie realized she was good at creating custom signage. And get this — she’s self-taught! Creating & designing is truly a passion for this mom of one.

After her wedding, Jordyn started creating signs and home decor for around her house and as gifts. As more projects came along, the more she realized how much she wanted to continue to create things. The next step was launching an Etsy Shop where she created more of her beautiful signage for other people’s special events.

The best part? She works extremely closely with her clients to ensure that their vision comes to life for their special event. After several meetings, she pulls together deas to come up with the perfect signage that’ll accentuate your event! Jordyn can make anything from hand-lettered signage to seating charts, welcome signs, and anything in between with customization options because she creates everything herself. The details go past just creating signage, Jordyn can get creative and design almost anything.

Even though the name of her business is Rustic Barn Designs, she knows signage is special to everyone. Jordyn is on top of every new trend and thrives on trying new styles and designs, so not every style has to be rustic-themed. We love a queen who can adapt and keep things fresh! Spoiler alert: couples can also mix-and-match styles. It’s 2021, who says you have to be traditional when being innovative is so much fun.

Jordyn also welcomes ideas from her clients, because she knows from experience how frustrating it is to not find what you’re looking for something as important as a wedding. The pictures speak for themselves, Rustic Barn Designs is going to sweep the wedding industry.

Reach out to Jordyn through her directory listing and peep her other designs on IG! If you’re a creative pro that’s ready to take your side hustle to the next level, hit us up!

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