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Meet Hazel Street Press Wedding Stationery

Green paper Hazel Street Press vow book on display for wedding stationery.

Alex Hood started Hazel Street Press after she wanted to combine her artistry with letterpress wedding stationery. The brand is a one-woman show (with occasional help from her husband) and production is done in-house or locally as much as possible. For the longest time, Alex always was a maker for other people. Her art meant more if she had someone to share it with. Her creations are beautiful and add a personalized touch to any wedding branding needed.

Love for the Letterpress

After she learning about the art of letterpress during undergrad, she loved it. Nothing had ever caught her attention like the letterpress. She found beauty in the quality and craftsmanship achieved through the letterpress. The letterpress requires attention, time and a lot of hands-on work. Remember the phrase, “a labor of love?” They literally mean it. Everything Hazel Street Press does is about making a statement to go along with wonderful memories.

The best part? Alex is extremely hands on. She’s involved with production every step of the way. With designing and printing done in-house, they’re able to keep their couples involved in a palpable representation of them and the big moment they are about to share. Alex understands that wedding stationery is a big deal, but in her hands, your invitations become a memory and even magical.

Hazel Street Press wedding stationery on display with melted wax as a seal.

Timeless Wedding Stationery

With the age of digital printing and mass production, it’s easy to treat stationery as something dispensable, not worth investing in, but that’s not the case. Hazel Street Press stationery wants to shift that mentality back to the idea that invitations are more than just paper but a statement worth remembering.

Until the end, Alex strives to create timeless invites that aren’t discarded. Her work is set apart from the colorless products of large-scale companies and stands alone. The wedding stationery company uses only the best quality paper and products that leave an impression on guests and sets the stage for any wedding day.

Thank you cards and Hazel Street Press wedding stationery on display with branded envelopes and plants surrounding it.

Why wait? Reach out to Alex through Hazel Street Press’ directory listing!

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