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Lori & Erin Photography: Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings Member Spotlight

We’ve been documenting weddings together since 2009. When the church goes quiet right before your vows, we know what the other is thinking and can move silently to perfectly capture the moment.  We push each other to do better, be more creative, and keep each other dancing on long nights. We work hard to capture every person, moment and detail for you. Because this day, with these people will only happen once. It’s such an honor to be included, surrounded by a couple in love and the most important people in their lives. Every single time.

One of our favorite wedding days, was the day when it seemed the worst happened. Three minutes after all of the guests were seated at their outdoor ceremony, it started pouring. Rather than run everyone back to the building, the Bride and Groom decided to get married anyway. And even as the storm got worse, they smiled, laughed and persevered. Luckily we’d done most of our portraits right after their first look, so it all worked out perfectly. Back inside, they were slightly soggy during their first dance, but they were so thrilled finally be married that they didn’t care.

We love being a part of your relationships, and not just yours with your fiancé but all of the relationships you hold dear. We love capturing the moments between you and your parents before the ceremony, or you and your best friend of 15 years, and obviously you and your new spouse. Each one matters now, and in 50 years as you relive the day with your grandchildren through your wedding album.

Usually, when we ask our couples what they’re looking forward to most they say “just being together with everyone” and/or “just being married.” Our couples know that the details of the day are beautiful and important, but what matters most is the people they love being there with them celebrating their marriage.

If you’re looking for us, we can be found on Facebook or on Instagram. Stop by, say hi and let’s get to know each other better!

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