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Keeping it Local; Connecting with the Right Local Businesses for Your Wedding

We know what our engaged couples want for their weddings: the best, most creative and passionate small businesses who have the newest ideas around. We also know that you entrust us with finding the right person for the job, and we take that to heart. <3 As a local business within the local wedding world, I rely heavily on social media not only to share my wedding gowns and creative process, but to connect with other like-minded businesses and find inspiration! (For those of you who are like, who even is this…? It’s Ali, owner of Made by Anatomy in Buffalo! 😉 )

From gathering inspiration to communicating with your wedding guests using a custom hashtag – social media is like one big party where you can connect with strangers from all over the world over any common thread. The options for weddings nowadays are endless! Modern couples planning their weddings have basically abolished tradition in favor of making their own! It’s totally freeing and exciting for us business owners who are dying to work with the most creative couples out there. Social media makes it that much easier to be found and share the craziest of ideas that someone will ultimately love!

No one understands the importance of social media for local businesses, and engaged couples alike better than us.. other than maybe the gals of Rochester Brainery and Boomtown Table! They established Upstate Social Sessions (happening THIS Friday – so get your tickets before they’re gone!), which is a day of inspiration and education for the entire community on how important social media is for your business, and even your personal life (who else here struggles with that balance..?!)

We are all about connecting here at Buffalo & Rochester Indie Weddings. We believe in community over competition, and that everyone can succeed by finding the right match to work with. (I often fall madly in love with many of my clients. It’s OK.. we keep it platonic.) That is the reason why we spend every day reaching out to you and sharing the newest and greatest from our dedicated members! We want your wedding to rock, and the best way to do that is by finding the right people for the job.

We will be at Upstate Social Sessions this Friday to fine tune our skills and bump elbows with some of the nation’s best and brightest in the social media world.  Our members get a special discount – so email us for the deets! For those of you we haven’t met, we sincerely look forward to it this week! Keep up the inspiration, everyone!

xoxo – Ali

Get your tickets for the event before they sell out here: And make sure you’re following us for all of that juicy wedding inspo we’ve been yacking about: // Buffalo Indie Weddings Facebook // Instagram | Rochester Indie Weddings Facebook \\ Instagram \\

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