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Indie Bridal Designers You Should Know About: Truvelle Bridal

{ Sierra }

Truvelle Bridal opened their Etsy shop in 2013, and have a truly romantic and unique perspective on wedding dresses.

” Truvelle is a bridal line for the confident, unconventional, and modern. With our refreshing approach to the wedding gown, we strive for effortlessly designed dresses of the highest craftsmanship.

From scratch, we create made-to-order wedding dresses, with a heavy emphasis on design, fit, and quality. All of our patterns are handcrafted and perfected, our carefully chosen fabric is individually hand cut, and each gown has a story. We’re proud to be a made-in-Canada brand.”- Gaby Bayona, owner and designer.

Nicolet }

Taylor // A Dip-Dyed, Lace Wedding Gown

Taylor }

Merly }

Natalie // Strapless Wedding Gown With Cascading Chiffon Skirt

{ Eden }

Berkeley }

Truvelle also has modern, simplistic and handmade accessories.

Jura // Open Ring With Freshwater Pearls

Jura }

Maurel // Bridal Belt With Soft Petals

{ Maurel }

Allee // Headpiece With Vintage Gold Leaves

{ Allee }

Check out our directory for local sources of bridal style and inspiration! And there is one more day until our next bridal show, Crafts & Cocktails! Pre-register for your tickets here!

All photos taken from Etsy.

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