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Highland Springs Floral Locally Grown Arrangements Wow Weddings

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Sustainable Wedding Floral Arrangements

Highland Springs Floral locally grown arrangements wow weddings. Owner and florist Sarah Schneider started a small family-owned agricultural business that’s designed to build community and improve the way we understand and tend to the earth. They go the next mile with their sustainable measures to create picturesque floral arrangements.

The gardens are biodiverse, regenerative and naturally maintained and refuse to use floral foam in their arrangements. Highland Springs Floral creates all of the bouquets, tablescapes, crowns, combs, boutonnieres and arrangements with the spirit of mother nature; grown, honored, collected and arranged by an artists’ hand. Because the flowers are homegrown, they don’t spray them and valuable carbon resources aren’t wasted to ship them in refrigerated containers, like traditional flowers.

Visit the Highland Springs Floral Gardens

The farm rests 40 minutes south of Buffalo, NY, and grows native flowers and specialty blooms for weddings. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the most gorgeous wedding flowers, it just means that flexibility for what is in bloom is a must. Highland Springs Florals designs everything with your color schemes, style, and predictable seasonal flowers to create a wedding flower plan unique to your wedding. The team loves nothing more than to put together your dream floral arrangements. After your big day, you can come back for anniversary flowers!

To take the arrangements to the next level, every flower is planted, tended and picked with the couple’s wedding date in mind. After you inform Sarah know the colors and styles in your vision, she starts working on designing a seasonal flower package for you! After booking with Highland Springs, Sarah invites couples up to the farm 10 to 12 days before the wedding, to mock up an arrangement with the flowers in bloom.

Take Wedding Arrangements to the Next Level

Want to go the extra mile with amazing wedding flowers? Highland Springs Floral arrangements elevate weddings with the measures they take to be eco-friendly and sustainable but also offer classes to brides & grooms that want to make crowns or bouquets.

Not only is this a bonding moment with your boo, but it’s a fun activity to get away from the wedding stressors. With everything going on, it’s so easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of wedding planning. Taking a step back to have fun with your partner seems like a no-brainer!

This local farm is the perfect match for Western New York couples who want to give back to the earth and take an eco-friendly, sustainable take on wedding flowers. The best part? You don’t have to compromise having stunning arrangements and feel guilty about the waste afterward.

Reach Out

Are you ready to book your wedding florist? Reach out to Highland Springs Floral through their directory listing!

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