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Heirloom Quality Stationery of Graphic-Poetry

Like many in the wedding industry today, Liz, owner and graphic designer behind Graphic-Poetry, dipped her toes into the world of wedding invitations while planning her own wedding.  Wanting to “wow” her guests wedding, she began searching for invitations that fit her unique style. After coming up with nothing that was quite right for the design, and already being knowledgable in the printing industry, she decided to create her own!

Liz, owner of Graphic-Poetry

The Origin Story of Graphic-Poetry

In 2001, Liz ran her own freelance graphic design business working with other local businesses with their branding, logos, website design and hosting, and printed marketing and advertising materials. In 2011 her freelance business expanded to include wedding and event print design after crafting her sister’s wedding invitations…which then led to a friend’s wedding invitations…..then her husband’s co-workers weddings… then another friend’s…. then their friends… and well, you get the idea.

Soon Liz was doing bridal shows and, with the encouragement of my husband, began turning the invitation side hustle into a full fledged brand, Graphic-Poetry.  “The name Graphic-Poetry comes from my background as an English major, graphic designer, and my collection of antique books. A college professor of mine encouraged me to create my own illustrations to go along with poetry I wrote or favorite poems.  I dabbled a little in this on the side and made greeting cards out of some designs which I put on Etsy.  The cards never really took off (I still have some that I sell in my brick-and-mortar store), but the name stuck.”

In 2018, Liz retired her original freelance business and Graphic-Poetry became her main focus.  Liz also opened a small retail and office space in the village of Hamburg, NY where she meets with couples privately and showcases her work. The Graphic-Poetry stationery shop carries greeting cards, stationery, writing supplies, stickers and fun gift items all from other woman-owned small businesses.

Why Small Business Is Important

“I come from a background of entrepreneurs and small business owners!  I was raised watching my parents’ run their businesses, and when I was old enough, I worked for them. Small local shops and businesses are what makes a community a pleasure to live in, and I’m proud to be part of mine.”

What Makes Graphic-Poetry Stand Out

“I offer everything from a DIY package, where I will give details on how the couples can assemble the invitations themselves, to a fully assembled invitations package with mailing service. Every kind of package includes a digital mockup so couples can get an idea of what their stationery will look like when printed and assembled. I also use a customer portal to make it easy to find invoices, contracts, as well as design revisions and feedback.”  

Samples are available to see and touch at the shop in person or can be mailed to your home. Liz also includes a complimentary keepsake invitation set for you, your wedding photographer and planner, so they can be captured during the wedding day.  All this with a mix of local and national vendors that are curated and offer the highest quality service, Graphic-Poetry has your wedding stationery needs covered!

To learn more about Liz, hop over to her directory listing here.  For more information her store, check out her website.  If you’re a local wedding creative who wants to connect with the clients of your dreams – learn more here

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