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Healthy Mind, Body and Marriage and Wedding Workouts

I’M GOING TO GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE FOR THE WEDDING 🙌 Said every person ever. Me too – except that I didn’t prioritize my wedding workouts so about 2 months out from the wedding I let it all go due to the hectic nature of my wedding plans. But I didn’t sweat it on the big day because I love myself 100%. I know that I’m babe and I felt that way – those extra 10 pounds and all. 😘 

You’re all gorgeous – just the way you are. It’s important for me to put that out there, because here at BIW/RIW we don’t believe in conforming to anything – ESPECIALLY societal norms for physical beauty. So we spoke to a few pros in the health and wellness industry to give us some well-rounded tips for creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle that still includes cocktails. 💍🥂 A healthy mind, body and marriage are what it’s all about! First things first:


“I want to look good for my wedding” – YES, but… sleep, managing stress, yoga, breathing, H2O intake, energy levels, diet… it’s all connected babes.

Jill Samson, owner of  Healthy Living with Jill has one important mantra: CONTROL IS AN ILLUSION. “Let go of your expectations and set a new mindset. Let it flow so it will be what it will be and everything will unfold perfectly for you. When we try to control it, we disrupt the flow and get in the way. Like attracts like, if you put a good vibe out there, magnificent stuff follows. Surrender.”

One of the best ways to do this is by practicing meditation. Jill refers to it as “power time to tap into your inside.”  When you feel most beautiful on the inside, you’ll always feel beautiful in whatever particular dress you fall in love with. To her, it’s all about feeling good and being body positive, rather than conforming to a perception of what’s traditionally beautiful on the outside. “How you feel on the inside shines through on your day.”

Jill offers private group yoga wedding workouts and meditation classes with bride and friends and family for connecting and feeling good together. “Meditation helps you combat stress and enjoy the journey! Take time to slow down.” Jill always starts each new client off with a Holistic Health Check-In, as she refers to it. This includes:  

  1. Journaling helps her learn about your patterns and explore the patterns and recap their day.

  2. Work outs are individualized and are invested in your goals that help to develop a connection and relationship.

  3. Meditating and yoga really help set your energy and flex those muscles so you live with that energy and you won’t be affected by the energies around you! 

  4. Obv – drinking sufficient water and maintaining a balanced diet


Buffalo native and owner of Highly Motivated ⚡ Functionally Caffeinated Jen Boltz will tell you that it takes commitment to see a true change on the inside and outside of your body – but stresses the importance of the big-picture, long term goals. “The quick fixes aren’t long lasting, and consistency creates change, so if you can commit to your lifestyle together you have a better chance at achieving sustainability.” Which means in the long run, it’s easier to stay in shape, keep weight off and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. No more starting and stopping – let’s start today by scheduling healthy date-night wedding workouts!

Working out with partners is always more fun IMO. You can also meal prep together and have fun cooking in the kitchen or shopping at the market! Change your perspective on working out and eating healthy into opportunities to grow closer and connect as a couple! Jen shared some of the benefits to doing so:

  1. You’ll manage stress better

  2. Builds self esteem in yourself and pride and admiration in each other

  3. Deepen your reliability to each other keep each other rooted

  4. Strengthens your bond and your bod

  5. It’s a TURN ON! Endorphins, dopamine and pheromones are all being released when you work out guys, which means your sex life might see a slight shift!


We don’t mean diet – like omit certain foods from your life. We mean diet as in the range of food and drink that you regularly consume. Actually – F💥❗️K FAD DIETS. Why? Jen explains that “any diet that requires omitting a dietary category and macro nutrients (fat, proteins, carbs) is simply not sustainable. Tricking the body and confusing the metabolism can actually make you gain more weight than lose more!” 😱😱😱 WTF WHY DOESN’T ANYONE TELL YOU THAT?! Oh – right – b/c they want to sell you their products.

Now, this doesn’t take into account those with specific dietary needs or health concerns – obv nutrition is different for each of us. We just want to you understand the importance and benefit that all food can have on your long term goals. Nutrition and fitness go hand in hand and you have to fuel your body to augment the work you’re doing on the outside.” So make sure that you take these things into account, it’s not just about those wedding workouts! Here are some tips on working out and eating right from Jen!

  1. Eat the rainbow every day

  2. Focus on energy fueled food that will prepare you for your daily activities and work outs

  3. Try using an app like My fitness pal to regularly journal your eating habits

  4. Set realistic goals and schedules for your lifestlye

  5. A goal of 1-1.5 pounds a week is sustainable and maintainable

  6. Under eating stunts the metabolism creates a big deficit so your weight won’t change. “75% of my clients under eat for their daily activities, and when they work out their body holds onto every little bit because it’s not sure when it will get another refuel.”


It’s that simple. Just start! Even if it’s committing to walking every morning or buying a new water jug. One last tip to leave you with: Celebrate the small wins, not just the overall result you’re after. Healthy living is a life long journey, not a destination. (God, that was cheesy, but very true.) If you can use the wedding as your impetus for the change you want to hold onto forever, it all started with the right perspective. Celebrate everything along the way and keep each other uplifted, positive, and supported.  

Reach out to these ladies to kick start your lifestyle changes today! And check out our IGTV video for some more ideas and inspiration for making gym nights date nights!

Jill Samson // Healthy Living with Jill // // @jillchristinesamson

Jen Boltz // Highly Motivated Functionally Caffeinated: Nutrition and Workout Plans // @highlymotivated.fc

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Anna Frost
Anna Frost

Indeed, a wonderful article. And I want to say that such training, as well as meditation and yoga, can help improve both physical and mental health. It also has a positive effect on the relationship of future spouses. In general, I believe that building healthy relationships should be constantly worked together. Therefore, for each of us, articles such as which describe in detail the problems of relationships and methods for building healthy relationships in marriage can be very useful. Many newlyweds do not pay due attention to this, which is why marriages very often break up.


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Billi Jean


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