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Handmade Happiness: DIY Tabletop Floral Arrangements

Whether you’re having a large or small gathering, flowers complete a tables look and are a thoughtful gesture your guests are sure to appreciate. Almost everyone can agree that a vase of flowers is a simple way to heighten a rooms appearance!

I have added a couple key rules that I always follow when designing, they are fail proof and will make your arrangement look like it took a ton of time and effort!

Flower Ingredients:




Spray Roses

First thing when thinking about picking up some flowers is color! When buying various flowers make sure that colors compliment each other. Think of the color wheel and its colors and complimentary colors, contrast is never a bad thing if done right! Sometimes starting monochrome is the easiest way to make an arrangement feel intentional.

Always remember to buy some kind of greens for your arrangement. This is very important! It helps add texture and fill up some of the space. In this arrangement my greens also help to hold my tulips and roses in place.

Don’t feel like you have to always buy greens either. I usually don’t as I prefer to cut my own from the garden or use my house plants! The variegated leaf is from a shrub that does not loose its leaves in the winter called ‘Emerald N Gold Euonymus’. I choose to use this plant because I thought the golden yellow blended well with the red roses. The second green is a type of ivy – a large house plant of mine that I snip from every now and then. Telling your friends that you were outside in freezing cold weather cutting your bushes is a sure way to grab some attention too!

Change your water everyday, your flower will last longer! Enjoy and be inspired!

Erin is the owner of Fern Croft Floral, where bespoke floral design is her specialty!

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