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Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie Plans Dream Honeymoons

Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie plans the ultimate getaway honeymoons for couples. Our latest addition to our wedding directory is the definition of a hustler. Stephanie’s proof that when one door closes, another opens, and that’s what makes her special. Stephanie specializes in traveling in Sandals, Disney and Universal Orlando honeymoon packages!

Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie takes traveling seriously

Before she was a travel agent, she worked as a floral designer and author — all the while following her passion for traveling. What started out as a hobby of planning trips for family and friends turned into a full-fledged career.

For years, Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie has planned dream honeymoons for her couples. Stephanie values her clients and the couples she meets. “It’s important to create relationships with clients,” she said.

Stephanie sits down with her clients, opens the lines of conversation to see exactly what it is they’re looking for in their “perfect honeymoon.” What’s ideal for one couple isn’t for the next, and she knows that. While some enjoy crazy excursions other want to lounge and soak in the sun. The best part? Stephanie’s an avid traveler so she knows the places to go and little hacks to follow.

The mother of two has resided in Buffalo, NY her entire life and takes pride in meeting the people in her community, allowing her to bond with her clients more. Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie is an extremely hands-on, detailed orientated and organized queen. Her clients are her top priority, making her an ideal choice in honeymoon planning.

Trust the professionals during the pandemic

With the everchanging precautions to follow with COVID-19, it’s safer to plan through an agency or independent travel agent. There’s a misconception in the industry that hiring an agent is more expensive, which is not true! Stephanie’s prices come straight from the individual destination suppliers and are the same as booking online. So, couples are looking at spending the exact same amount of money, except with an agent they get better support and a middle woman to help if anything goes wrong.

When COVID hit, it became very clear how valuable it was to use a travel agent who knows what they are doing, stays on top of ever-changing regulations, and is organized. Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie does all of the work so her clients can just relax and enjoy their trips. The last thing brides and grooms need is to worry about staying on top of all the changes in the travel industry right now. They need someone in their corner to take care of it all for them and make it an easy process, and Stephanie is that person.

Do yourself a favor: splurge on your honeymoon. It’s the only time you’re going to have to celebrate exclusively with your partner without life getting involved. Fairytale Journeys by Stephanie plans the ultimate getaway honeymoons for couples.

Reach out

Reach out to Stephanie through her directory listing and get planning!

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