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Edgy and Sexy Wedding Elopement Inspiration from Silver Dust Visuals

This edgy and sexy wedding elopement inspiration Silver Dust Visuals styled shoot at Resurgence Brewing Co. has us feeling EVERYTHING! All of the vendors involved were extremely excited to make this modernBonnie and Clyde with an edge shoot come to life! The idea was to capture a couple that doesn’t shy away from different, non-traditional style.

The added aesthetics of the black and chrome chopper from Spoke and Dagger, take the vision to another level. With this look, it was a no-brainer to have Smith and Nash design an edgy jacket for our bride to wear on the motorcycle and she did not disappoint, creating TWO beautiful, badass, hand-painted jackets. Hands down, this Silver Dust Visuals styled shoot blew us away!

The makeup artist, Amanda Lee Shamrock, nailed the glam with a dark, moody, sexy look for our bride, who isn’t afraid to be bold! Casey, from Blush Salon, created perfect bridal hair that said, “Come ride this motorcycle!” The glorious headpiece was found online, what a win because sometimes that can be iffy. It elevated the look, adding more metallics that highlighted the metallic decals on the groom’s dashing suit. P.S. Who doesn’t LOVE a groom who can pull off a fun, printed suit! We know we do! He looked dapper wearing it, too!

When the Blue Violet Wedding Design gals showed up at Resurgence with their flowers, everyone was blown away by their bubbly, positive energy! Their ability to create magic with the beautiful bouquet is just what this shoot needed to complete the look! The deep reds and earthy tones fit perfectly with our moody vibe. It’s all about the smoldering sexual tension!

Resurgence was hands-down the BEST location for this shoot. There are multiple locations to choose from with pockets of light, both indoors and outdoors, a photographer’s dream! That brick wall complemented the roses in the bouquet in a way that made the photos unique.

Lastly, directing the models was too easy since they were so clearly in love already, making the photos a little sexier and fun. Peep this neck kisses. Their chemistry and attraction for one another is lightning in a bottle… a champagne bottle that is! Everything about them exuded confidence and love — it was nice to tap into creativity and branch away from traditional boundaries. Anyone who wants to continue to push those boundaries should get in touch with these vendors!

Gawk at these photos and tell us these two aren’t sexy AF

We can’t wait to see what our vendors put together for the next styled shoot! We love seeing how our vendors collab on styled shoots with other talented people in the area!

If you’re looking to push boundaries and and add some edgy and sexy wedding elopement inspiration for your photos, hit up these vendors in our directory!

If this shoot got you inspired to join the tribe, go here for more info!

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