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DIY Wedding Welcome Bags

Blog post presented by Maddie Vilardo, of BohoBliss Designs and intern for Buffalo Indie Weddings.  Hi everyone! My name is Maddie & I am a Communication Studies major, graduating in May. I spend most of my time designing and making jewelry. I also love to hike, hula-hoop and watch Jeopardy!


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If you’re having a weekend wedding or hosting out of town guests, then a welcome bag is the perfect way to make your guests feel comfortable and at home. Include the necessities and some sweet treats to make sure that they keep partying with you all weekend long!


First, pick your bag. This is the perfect opportunity to personalize it and really showcase your style. You can order bags on etsy with your monogram, names or a design in the colors of your wedding party. You can get some ideas here, here and here.

Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 3.54.38 PM

Next, you’ll want to put in some treats. Think about the season your wedding is in. If it’s in the summer, include some refreshing drinks- lemonade, or sparkling water. If it’s in the winter, throw in some tea bags or hot chocolate. If you have a favorite candy bar, include that, too! You can also put in some simple snacks such as granola bars or crackers. Your guests will definitely appreciate the snacks when they’re done partying with you at the end of the night!


Lastly, include a personal note. Thank your guest for coming to celebrate with you. It’s a personal touch that will make your guests feel welcome and excited to party!

Anything else? Well that’s up to you! If you’re wedding is outside, it’s nice to include a paper fan (that can also double as your itinerary or ceremony program). Add some, gum or mints… anything that would make your guests feel more comfortable for a weekend of celebrating!

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