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DIY Mason Jar Succulents


We all know the MANY uses for mason jars- from canning soups and sauces for the winter to juices and snacks. But how adorable do plants and succulents look in them?! I first spotted this adorable decor while having a latte at one of my favorite spots (and one of our awesome members!) Pour Coffee Parlor. These cute little jars with bright green succulents added a little something extra to their wooden tables. Here’s how you can make some to brighten up your own space!

You will need:

  1. Mason jars

  2. Succulents of your choice

  3. Extra soil, sand or rocks

Making these cute little planters is really too easy! Once you have your jars and you’ve picked up your succulents (I’ve seen a great selection at Lowe’s) you’re ready to go! Remove the lid and place whatever you want in your mason jar- sand, small rocks or simply a little extra soil, depending on how large the jar is.


Then simply remove the succulent from its pot and place it in the mason jar. Add extra soil to secure it if needed. How easy was that?! Here are some more ideas to inspire you when creating your mason jar succulent!


Want to add a little color to yours? Check out this awesome tutorial.


This is such a fun DIY to do with your bridesmaids and would make the cutest wedding favor! Not only do succulents look great but they are also super easy to take care of! Read more here.

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