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Craft Your Cocktail

Blog post presented by Maddie Vilardo, of BohoBliss Designs and intern for Buffalo Indie Weddings. 

Hi everyone! My name is Maddie & I am a Communication Studies major, graduating in May. I spend most of my time designing and making jewelry. I also love to hike, hula-hoop and watch Jeopardy!



It’s Friday afternoon and cocktails are on our mind! There’s no better way to start off your reception than with a fun cocktail hour. So, why not customize a cocktail just for your wedding?!

 Pick a cocktail that you and your partner enjoy. Take into consideration the season and setting of your wedding. Beach wedding? Think Mojitos, Moscow Mules,  or a refreshing coconut drink. The “Salsa Something,” from Bourbon and Butter, is a drink that would definitely spice up a summer party. Winter wedding? Something that will warm your guests up. Try something like the “Nameless 2010,” from Hutch’s Restaurant, or the “Averna Flip,” from Ristorante Lombardo. Don’t limit yourself to classic drinks. If you have a special one you like to mix up, use that!

If you have a well-known cocktail that you already love, there’s still ways to personalize it!


Next, pick a creative container. Think about the style of your wedding. A laid-back country wedding calls for mason jars, while you may want more classic cocktail glasses at a fancier event. Another option would be to use a mix of eclectic glasses found at vintage shops or flea markets. There are many options when it comes to picking your glass, but make sure it is unique to your style, wedding, and most importantly, that you love it! Check out some glasses on Etsy here.


Finally, embellish it! If your drink is fruity, include some fresh fruit, or garnish it with a mint leaf. Top it off with a custom swizzle stick! You can order these adorable sticks in your wedding colors or make your own!

For even more DIYs, join us for Crafts & Cocktails on 4.30.15 at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue! You can register here.

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