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Colleen Kelly Photographer Makes Upstate New York Wedding Magic

Colleen Kelly, Photographer specializes in Upstate New York documentary-style wedding photography. Though photography is her passion, it wasn’t the plan for this business owner. She graduated with a bachelor’s in finance, economics and math from a WNY college, not exactly what you’d picture when stalking her gorgeous Instagram. It wasn’t until completing her MBA program that she purchased her first camera, a Canon Rebel.

She moved to a town where she knew nobody, adopted a rescue dog, Uno, and began photographing the places they’d go. Shortly after, she relocated to Boulder, CO., where she worked as a staff photographer and writer for two lifestyle magazines in the Boulder/Denver area, and Colleen Kelly, Photographer was born. Fast forward a few years, she’s back in WNY capturing elopements and weddings and still rescuing dogs. Only this time with her husband and son.

Colleen chooses to document small weddings and elopements, ensuring the best connection to her couples. She gets to know them not as clients, but as friends. In getting to know them and spending time with them, they relax and get comfortable with her. This allows for a better photographic experience all around and better, more authentic captured moments.

The wedding photographer loves being a part of a small community, meeting new people, and helping them create memories. She also loves being a small business owner and seeing the rewards of hard work and dedication come to fruition. The flexibility of her job allowed her to spend time off with her son when he was born and presently allows her to WFH and spend extra time with her pups.

By delivering a high-quality product and service while maintaining a personal connection with each of her couples, Colleen Kelly, Photographer documentary-style wedding photography stands out from the rest. Each couple is getting more than a photographer – they are getting a consultant and a friend.

Through her trade, Colleen’s learned from photographers’ different styles of shooting and attended workshops to perfect wedding photography. Her work is carefully curated to adhere to her standard of authenticity, emotion and timelessness.

Want to reach out to Colleen? Head over to her directory listing!

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